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Manufacturing Capability

Lean Manufacturing

Implementation of Lean Management System; Committee members: Black Belt and Green Belt; 7S (Safety + 5S + small kaizen) as foundation; Value Stream Mapping; U-shape cells; Kaizen events for continuous operation improvement, and add value to customers.

Automation on Manufacturing

Maximizing quality and minimizing production cost through automation and semi-automation processes.

Clean Room Assembly
  • 4 Class 8 (ISO 14644-1:2015) (or Class 100k ) assembly clean rooms
  • CFDA approved assembly clean room
  • Total area of assembly clean room: 38,000 sq. ft
  • 16 assembly lines
Molding & Metal Processing

Injection Molding; Compression Molding; Blow Molding; Vacuum Forming; PVC & EVA Tubing Extrusion; Metal Injection Molding; CNC Milling & Turning; EDM; Bending and Forming.

Secondary Processing

Chemical etching; Heat treatment; Ultrasonic Welding; Sand Blasting; Electro-Polishing; Passivation; PTFE Coating; TiN Coating; Powder Coating; Laser Welding; Laser Etching; Pad Printing; Blister & Tyvek Pouch Sealing; Calibration in house or from third parties.


Hard & Soft Blister packaging; Vacuum Packaging; Tyvek Pouch and Tyvek Lid Sealing.