Packaging and Sterilization

Packaging and sterilization may be the last steps in preparing medical devices for delivery—but they are two of the most important. Properly designed packaging will get your product to your customer intact and in optimal presentation without costing a fortune. Improperly selected packaging can be very expensive and potentially severely delay a new product release.

We work with customers to determine the best packaging solution for each product based on sterilization processes, device resilience, travel distance, intended use, and regulatory requirements. We only utilize vendors who deliver quality packaging materials, on time and at reasonable prices. Products are then boxed, sealed, and readied for shipment right in our warehouse.

We also coordinate all aspects of sterilization including sterilization validations, quarterly dose audits, annual re-qualifications and routine processing. We use only ISO certified procedures and provide a certificate of processing with each shipment. We can help you select materials for your products which will allow you to use a preferred method of sterilization.

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