Customer Challenge

A US customer brought a suction irrigation device project, which was used in laparoscopic surgery to irrigate saline and remove blood in the surgical site to clear the vision, to Modern Medical and asked for our help to reduce their product cost. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the cost by 20% within 3 months.

Modern Medical Action to Resolve Problem
Modern Medical uses its vendor pool in mainland China to source different components of the device such as PVC tubing, standard parts like spike connector, clamp and suction tube. The manufacturers in the vendor pool were audited by internal quality assurance engineers before Modern Medical decided to place order, therefore specification and quality are guaranteed.

Modern Medical successfully reduced the cost of the product by 25% in 2 months, which exceed the original goal of the customer. Customer satisfaction is highly enhanced and the product was finally transferred to Modern Medical to manufacture because of lower labour wage in China.

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