Customer Challenge

An electrosurgical device suction coagulator with a coating on the tip, used to perform tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy was designed by a customer and the product is mass produced in Modern Medical. Complaints were received by end users that the tip of the product is very sticky to the tissues during coagulation and blockage of the shaft is happened during suction.

Modern Medical Action to Resolve Problem
An ad-hoc project team includes material engineers and quality engineers are immediately formed after we received the complaint. Simulation tests were done in the laboratory to evaluate the performance of the device with and without the coating on the tip. By investigating the coating material specification and the geometry of the coating applied, our material engineers conclude that the coating cannot evenly distribute the heat generated by the coagulation and hot spot may create at certain points of the coating. Sticking of tissue is happened on the tip and sometimes the tissue blocks the opening of the tip that causes the suction problem.

The suggestion of removing coating from Modern Medical was accepted by the customer. The complaints from end users are no longer existed. The sales order of the products increase for 25%.

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